Dang, I dropped the Library of Congress again

Researchers at IBM have developed technology which uses dents in thin plastic film to store information. It’s a bit like the punch cards of computing history, except the dents are 10 nanometers in width. (A nanometer is one-millionth of the width of a piece of paper-clip wire.)

The researchers estimate that with this technology in practical use, a common multifunction digital wristwatch could contain 15 gigabytes of data… that’s about 23 CDs, or 2 or 3 DVD movie discs.

“I’ve backed up the ship’s computer core in this small MDM memory chip!” Brion Fields, Space Rogues

Extremely early thoughts on the T-Con beta schedule

Technicon starts a week from tomorrow, and they’ve posted an early version of the schedule. I do realize that con schedules are subject to complete revision until late Sunday afternoon, but I couldn’t help noticing a few things.

The first thing is that my sweetie and I are involved in one of the Live-Action Role Playing games, and that at least one (possibly both) of the games starts Friday night at 8:00. So we may miss meiran‘s Women in SF panel 🙁 I’ve enjoyed representing the Liberated Male there in the past, and I’d be sorry to miss this one.

Another scheduled LARP event (if it’s for the one I’m in) may cause me to miss the first half of the Amateur Film panel, which would be a shame. We don’t have a submission this year like we were going to, but it’s fun to see what others bring and comment on it.

(2 years ago: “Are you sure you want me as a panelist? I haven’t actually been involved in anything since Space Rogues – all I can talk about is the several projects I hope to start work on sometime soon.”

“Amateur shmamateur, that makes you a Hollywood professional!”)

The person I will be playing in the LARP is a major Russian political figure, I haven’t decided whether my accent should be “Boris Badenov” or Connery’s “Alexsandr Ramius” (i.e. Moscow by way of Scotland).

This year’s midnight discussions include the SW Virginia Spiritual Alliance (a pagan group), Polyamory 101, and a BDSM demonstration / panel. Who says science fiction fans never do anything but watch their Trek videos?

Internet Movie Madness

For those who wanted to know, the online version of the first episode of Space Rogues can be found on my Movies page.

It’s in two parts which add up to 90 megs of Quicktime, so don’t try this on your 28.8 modem.

Which Space Rogues Character Are You?

Rain made a test!

Which Space Rogues Character Are You?
Cmdr. Brion Fields

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