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Extremely early thoughts on the T-Con beta schedule — 7 Comments

  1. Random thought…

    So, on your Space Rogues quiz, did you build in a method where you could see which character people are most like? It would be interesting to see how many are you, how many are Mark (which we’re finding more and more of), etc.

  2. Hmmmm

    So when Rocky Horror again, Friday or Saturday?

    Way too much to do this year and not enough time.

    Must bring mucho mucho amounts of caffeine with us… looking at the schedule I think I might get 2 hours or so of sleep.

  3. Re: Random thought…

    We thought of that Monday – I’ll probably try to implement it today. We’ve already missed a bunch of people of course, but at least we’ll see where it goes from there.

    People with a high apathy rating seem to get Mark. šŸ™‚ Rain and weren’t particularly scientific about the whole thing, we just made up some questions, made up some smart-ass answers to the questions, then assigned certain characters positive or negative weights that seemed appropriate for each answer. Some characters are probably a lot more likely than others *grin*.

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