RPG character quiz

Taken from funwithrage, since it looked entertaining.


Out of all of your characters from any game, who would you…

Take to lunch?
I can’t remember his name off the top of my head, but my Deadlands character was a cross between Abraham Van Helsing and Egon Spengler. I think he’d have some fascinating stories and insights, and the fact that he’s slightly mad wouldn’t hurt a bit.

Want to rescue you?
“Professor K”, the mysterious mentalist I played in some Shadowrun sessions. He’s appeared in lots of fic written by our crowd, and he’s pretty good at the whole rescuing thing – plus he has some interesting resources at his disposal.

Never want to meet in a dark alley?
I don’t really play many scary or disturbing characters, but after thinking about it, I’m not sure I’d want to meet “Circy”, my World of Warcraft warlock. She looks pretty friendly most of the time, but even when they’re the “good guys”, warlocks in this game are not nice people. Besides, she’d be backed up by a Voidwalker demon or something.

“Mirandala”, the gnome mage I play in WoW. She’s adorable, and I think of her as pretty sweet, if a little butch at the same time.

Be for a day?
“Professor K”, definitely. Knowing his backstory info that never made it into the game, I’d love the chance to play with some of his tech toys and visit some of the places he had access to… such as Federation starships. (Yeah, our Shadowrun games could get weird.)

Steal powers/skills from?
I’ve played “Nebula” in several game systems and worlds, and she’s almost always an accomplished musician, generally as a singer and keyboardist. I’d love to have those abilities gifted to me.

Take to an amusement park?
In the post-apocalyptic Deadlands: Hell on Earth, I played a powerful Wiccan whose personality and look I created by trying to imagine a very angry, bitter tzel. I think a trip to Disney World, or even Busch Gardens, would have done her a lot of good. At least she’d have some good memories to help bolster her the next time she fought techno-zombies.

See their story made into a movie?
“Professor K” and “Nebula” would require their own high-budget series, with possibly several spin-offs. Actually, I think the flying armored “Eclipse” from ptownhiker‘s Marvel Super Heroes game would be a fun movie subject, especially once the “ancient astronauts” part of his backstory came back into his life.

Never trade places with, ever?
In a Technicon LARP, I played the Prince of Russia in an alternate 19th century of Imperial expansion and high-stakes diplomacy. Given the constant backstabbing, betrayal, and threats of war, I’m not sure how he ever got any sleep.

Get stuck on an island with?
Well, the flying mage “Bombardier” from Shadowrun and “Eclipse” would each be useful, as they could fly us home. “Mirandala” could teleport us out, and “Professor K’s” friends have hi-tech ways to find us and retrieve us. If I’m really seriously stuck, though, I think “Nebula” would be a pretty charming companion.

TCon 23 report

Some cool things about Technicon 23:

Giving rattrap his combined holiday present for the next several years.
Playing the WoW board game with jsciv, meiran, and candidevoltaire; then buying a copy.
A copy of The Heroic Trio from kittykatya.
Opening the wrong door and accidentally joining this year’s Vile Skit.
Being practically the only character in vileone‘s LARP that was exactly what he said he was: no more, no less.
Friday dinner seated between Dwight, raininva, and Christy.
Friday night panels that went Most Excellently. (Some details soon in a filtered post, heh heh.)
A Vile Script that forced me to wrestle with rainbowsaber. (Oh, shucks.)
Helping southernsinger perform “The Dragon & The Lady” for Holly Lisle.
Late Saturday dinner and great conversation with meiran.
Thanks to trenn, chown -R us:us yourbase.
Frequent backrubby morale- and energy-boosts from shrewlet.
Two boxes full of new reading material from the Auction.
Cool artwork from kittenchan and ranchonmars.
It’s my 20th Technicon.


Some less-cool things about Technicon 23:

It’s my 20th Technicon.
Not enough time to be in Whose Con Is It?
Long drives from and to Norfolk.
Not enough quality time with many friends.
My lousy Simon Cowell imitation.
A body that gave out too early on Saturday night. (For once, stomach issues rather than exhaustion.)
Our air mattress developing a hole.
Not enough time for after-con dinner in Blacksburg. (But a good one with Bert & Meche in Salem.)


I’d call TCon 23 a success, for my part. Well done, nius, and thanks for the good weekend!

Extremely early thoughts on the T-Con beta schedule

Technicon starts a week from tomorrow, and they’ve posted an early version of the schedule. I do realize that con schedules are subject to complete revision until late Sunday afternoon, but I couldn’t help noticing a few things.

The first thing is that my sweetie and I are involved in one of the Live-Action Role Playing games, and that at least one (possibly both) of the games starts Friday night at 8:00. So we may miss meiran‘s Women in SF panel 🙁 I’ve enjoyed representing the Liberated Male there in the past, and I’d be sorry to miss this one.

Another scheduled LARP event (if it’s for the one I’m in) may cause me to miss the first half of the Amateur Film panel, which would be a shame. We don’t have a submission this year like we were going to, but it’s fun to see what others bring and comment on it.

(2 years ago: “Are you sure you want me as a panelist? I haven’t actually been involved in anything since Space Rogues – all I can talk about is the several projects I hope to start work on sometime soon.”

“Amateur shmamateur, that makes you a Hollywood professional!”)

The person I will be playing in the LARP is a major Russian political figure, I haven’t decided whether my accent should be “Boris Badenov” or Connery’s “Alexsandr Ramius” (i.e. Moscow by way of Scotland).

This year’s midnight discussions include the SW Virginia Spiritual Alliance (a pagan group), Polyamory 101, and a BDSM demonstration / panel. Who says science fiction fans never do anything but watch their Trek videos?